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ICO Community and Marketing Services. As veterans of cryptocurrency, we know the best practices in this field. We have experience working with the top ICOs and multiple successful crowdfund.
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ICO Communications

ICO communications made easy


Launching an ICO is a big step. We’re here to brave this with you — as veterans, our advice on best practices will make this easier than you’ve imagined.


Too many alt coins out there? Fret not. Our marketing team will make your ICO be known wide and far, heard loud and clear. To the moon, baby!

Community Moderation

A successful ICO is backed by its supporters. We will actively interact and connect with your community — let us walk the ground while you walk the talk.

Translation and Proofreading

Don’t be misunderstood or get lost in translation. Our master wordsmiths will get your point across simply, succinctly.

Quick look at the ICO process

A refined process for ICO


Welcome: Knowing your ICO better

Our team will examine your white paper, understand your project and address gaps to strengthen your business case.


Understand: What does your ICO need?

From advisory, marketing, community moderation to translation and proofreading, you name it, we’ll do it. Let us help you make this a breeze for you.


Strategy: Making your ICO work

We will work together to work out strategies for your ICO. Attracting investors, alluring bounty programmes, knowledge sharing — your ICO will get the exposure it deserves.


Launch: Your ICO is born

Congrats, you’ve made it this far. We know the best practices to ensure your ICO launch will be a smooth ride.

Our Past Projects
Carry makes personal data fair for consumers, marketers and merchants.
Traditional brick-and-mortar retail is a $25 trillion industry, capturing at least 90% of all retail spending. This generates a lot of data. Under the Carry Protocol, your transaction data becomes a commodity you control.

weBloc Protocol is a blockchain based Alliance Protocol to tokenize the conventional advertising ecosystem.

weBloc Protocol is ICON’s official advertising protocol.

TEMCO is developing a supply chain platform based on RSK (Rootstock) blockchain. Using blockchain technology, TEMCO aims to connect isolated supply chain systems and offer data services.

TTC Protocol is a decentralized, blockchain-based, token-incentivized protocol for social networks. Social network users are rewarded for generating, distributing and interacting with other users and their content.

MediLOT is a health data protocol that aims to solve the concerns of Electronic Health Records (EHR).


Current EHR systems are fragmented, centralised and lack patient ownership.


Through a dual blockchain solution, MediLOT incorporates Artificial Intelligence capabilities onboard its control and data layers that allows the equitable sharing of health data.

Through Contents Protocol, content distribution platforms will be able to


(1) provide transparency to user data and insight to the Content Providers, which will help them create better content in the future


(2) incentivize the Users for their activities and contribution, which will encourage them to become more active consumers in the industry

A New World-Class Crypto Exchange: A Cross-blockchain Crypto Exchange with P2P Fiat Conversion Function.


It has the advantages of a crypto-to-crypto exchange (i.e. fast and seamless user experience) and also allows users to trade cryptocurrencies and fiat via a peer-to-peer network supported by Kryptono.

The World’s First Open Entertainment Economy democratising access of content to users and content providers. We’re revolutionizing how users gain access to a smart contract framework.


Bolt is powered by Zilliqa.

COSMOCHAIN is a universal beauty platform that connects cosmetics product users and content creators to cosmetic products suppliers, including cosmetics companies, brands, manufacturers, and distributors.

EMX is an innovative, institutional-grade exchange that opens up the world’s largest financial markets to cryptocurrency holders.

With EMX, crypto holders can trade futures contracts on equities, commodities, bonds and cryptocurrencies—all without the need to convert to fiat.

Cloudmoolah is a game payment revolution which combines popular localised payment methods such as telco top-up cards, prepaid cards, e-banking and their Moo Token. It also enables game developers to collect in-app revenue from games who do not own credit cards.

Touted as the world’s smartest love A.I., Viola.AI by the Lunch Actually Group aims to revolutionize the dating, courtship and marriage space by harnessing blockchain and artificial intelligence.

The people at icomms

We are here to help you

Ho Jun Yi


Jun Yi runs a nifty business at Pennywise.sg selling hardware wallets, handles numerous ICO projects and is extremely involved in the crypto community.

Jolin Tan

…everything else

Jolin is Jun Yi’s missus. Beyond that, she’s the in-house grammar bitch who will make sure your white paper is readable and nice. She also drinks copious amounts of coffee … and makes coffee.